Sunday, May 26, 2013

Updates to my blog

Hey crazy jammers! its knives5110 here. Sorry I haven't posted for the past few days! like a said in earlier posts, I might not get the chance to post everyday. Here are the new items from the past few days.

(top left) football helmet. (top right) DJ turntables. (bottom left) Cowbell. (bottom right) Jersey.

Its glitch weekend! Every Saturday and Sunday I post a glitch! This one is a very easy one. It is in Jamaa township by the arcade. Take a look.

Start right around here
Then switch animals
Then as you change animals you click on the entry way to the arcade.
Then you should be here! Standing ON the doorway! If you try to do this without switching then you will end up going into the arcade..... ^.^

Ok now for the updates. As you can probably tell, I have updated the background to this blog. Also, You have probably notices the different tabs on the top. There are the alphas, comments, home page, and the best blog other than my blog! ^.^ ANIAML JAM SPIRIT BLOG!!!!!!! I will hope to add more tabs such as the Journey Book Guide and other animal jam blogs. It may take a while though!
In the other blog I mentioned a video but it may or may not happen. If it ever happens, it may take a while so don't get your hopes up! XD
That's all I have to say jammers so this is knives5110 signing off saying....

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