This is a tribute to all the alphas of jamaa! take a look!

This is Cosmo, and he is no ordinary koala. He has amazing plant skills! he doesn't only know how to grow them, but it appears that he can actually talk to plants! Isn't that neat? He is one of the youngest alphas.
This is Sir Gilbert. Although he may be they toughest and most strong of the alphas, this tiger is calm, cool, collected, quiet and polite. Many of the animals in Jamaa look up to him.
This little bunny is Peck! She is the newest and the youngest ,along with Cosmo, alpha. She has amazing artistic abilities, but she can be very fierce in battle. Sometimes she fights to hot tempered and reckless...
This monkey's name is Graham! Graham I think is the smartest of the Alphas! He is also an AMAZING, and fast, inventor.
This cool looking wolf's name is Greely. He is a very dangerous alpha. He is a master at fighting. The phantoms are actually more scared of him than sir gilbert! Also, him and sir gilbert do not get along, but they do have about the same amount of ability to attack or defend, though I think Greely is better! ^.^
This amazing panda is Liza! She is the most well known alpha throughout jamaa. Why you ask? She always comes to Jamaa helping and taking care of all the jammers. She is the peacemaker of the alphas, yet she did help in the ultimate phantom invasion, so she must have at least some wicked fighting talents!

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