Saturday, June 22, 2013

Green painted pot

Hey jammers!! Todays new item is the green painted pot (yesterdays one was the red painted pot)

There are new things in the diamond shop! (came out earlier this week but still new). It is the music for the diamond shop, Mystical Morning, and the new phoenix armor!! Here is what they look like...
 (Mystical Morning)
 (phoenix armor) this is what the buying part looks like
 That is what it would look like on your avatar and that is the post in the news paper.

GUESS WHAT JAMMERS??? ITS GLITCH WEEKEND! Todays glitch is in the tree house den!!!!

First you have to start right about here...
Next you have to open up someone game tab; like so..
This is the hard step. Click on the river and as soon as you click on it click on a game. Quickly cancel before they accept it. As soon as you cancel you must change animals. (you don't actually have to change animals, just click on the change animals button. Then you should be somewhere where you shouldn't be!
There you have it!

One more thing before this blog is over..........Check out my youtube channel! It is my user! knives5110. I am almost done with the music video! Send me a picture of you doing something and i will add it in my music video!!! Send it to my email at!

Ok jammers that's all for today until nextime this is knives5110 signing off saying...


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Adventures and Betas

Hey jammers! Sorry I didn't post for a while. In the past days, AJ has brought back all the beta like the wooden computer, (the new item today) the bird feeder, and the stone chair I posted the other day. Looks like AJ is trying to bring back all the betas with new items and the diamond shop... hmm...

Something really really interesting has  happened in jamaa! The phantoms has come we must go on an adventure to help save jamaa. Here are some of the things you can get on the adventures so far...

You guys may be thinking, "why these items?" AWell heres your answer: ^.^

In the first adventure, the phantoms destroy all of the plants and wells in the bunny burrow and we have to save them. This is what the plants and well looked like when the phantoms destroyed it.

Here is the link to the adventure video. Click HERE!!!

Kangaroos! What about that! Sadly, they cannot be obtained in the U.S. You can get it as a gift card, just like you would with a now leopard Arctic wolf, and lion, but you can only get it in Australia and New Zealand. Most of the kangaroos names are mister (or miss) wonky buddy. Here is what they look like.

Cool huh? I didn't get this but the play and dance for the kangaroo is very glitch and laggy. Here is what the gift card looks like.

Here is something super extremely exciting for me! I won the news crew!!!!! 3 articles are chosen on a specific topic. The one I did it on was the diamond shop. It is on the daily explorer if you want to see it. Click here to see the article. Mine is the third one. When you win, you get a camera badge and any jammer can see it! Not only your buddies! The most funny thing happened about this. I realized I am buddies with the other jammer on the diamond article! I am friends with the first one. Small world huh? I was so happy I won!

I met snowyclaw yesterday along with my buddy that won the article. We had a very long conversation with each other. She congratulated both of us! That made my day! ^.^ Sorry guys but I have to keep the article winners user a secret... sorry! >.<

One more thing before I finish this post. I will eventually make another (so much better XP) AJMV (animal jam music video) and I am almost done! My youtube channel is my user. Knives5110. Check it out in a few days!

That's all for today jammers so this is knives 5110 signing off saying...


p.s. thanks you SO much for everyone looking at this! Over 100 views wow! (that's actually not a lot but I think it is pretty good because I just started this blog ^.^)

Saturday, June 15, 2013

sooo extremely sorry

hey jammers! I am sooo sorry that I didn't post for sooo long.... I had so much school and then I went on a trip... sorry! Well I don't think I will do everything I missed (sorry about that) but I will do today's item. It is the seaweed hat!

so yeah.... If you look on the animal jam spirit blog, you see that there is a new animal coming to the us soon! it has already appeared in Australia and New Zealand, so I really hope it will come very soon...

 It is glitch weekend! time for a glitch! This glitch takes place in coral canyons!

Start at around here
(as you may know I am the wolf! ^.^)

Next you click right under Best Dressed icon. But, before you do that, remember to open someone's game tab.

(this is the hard part) when you are crossing under the waterfall, click on someones game then quickly cancel.

You cannot see me because I am under the water fall. When you cancel you should be running up the wall and when you get where you want change animals. You should be here when done!

Neat glitch isn't it? ^.^  so now the music video I promised... it is a very bad one so I am going to make a better one. I cannot post the video directly. Click here to see the music video. It is daylight by maroon five! I am going to make a better one with better effects. It will be locked out of heaven by Bruno mars. Almost done so sit tight!

One more thing before I go...ever noticed this weird thing in Jamaa township?

That is close to the entrance of sarepia forest! It is a pathway in a forest of bamboo. I tried to follow it and then I found a house roof!

 I put all the clues together... Bamboo forest. Pandas like bamboo. Who is a panda? LIZA! The alpha! And a house! a house is where you live in! I found where Liza the alpha lives! (I think... XD)

Well that all for today jammers! This is knives5110 signing off saying....

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Still some difficulties

Hey jammers! this is just s notice. There are still some difficulties with this blo0g, as you can tell. The words are all messed up and I don't even know how to fix it! just thought i'd let all you jammers know... video! so close to being done. until kextime jammers... PLAY WILD AND JAM ON!

I'M BACK!!!!!!!

Omg hi jammers! I finally got my computer to work again! AJ has posted many many new updates. You have probably heard of the diamond shop already and the nm pet hamster already...todays new item is the stone throne! it is now no longer a beta! Cool look isn't it? Here are some of my opinions on the diamond shop: Good job AJ: I think that the diamond shop is a good way to bring back betas and now you don't have to buy snow leopards, arctic wolves, or lions in stores! That is pretty cool. Another thing that is cool is now you get to choose your own monthly member gift! Really AJ, REALLY??? Well I have to say... AJ kind of took away all of our hard work. Im definitely not trying to be mean or anything, but its my opinion. It took me so long to get the legend glove and tail armor, and now they are selling it. It took away my hard work. Another thing is now we have to wait for our monthly member gift. I like it better back then when they gave us our gift. Now they are making us wait for it because getting diamonds are so rare. Only once a week. Oh well! ^.^ Those are my opposing opinions. Getting on with this, I may post a music video very very soon!!!!!!!!!!!!! I finished it but I still to edit it. Well thanks jammers! I am getting more and more pageviews everyday! I will probably NEVER be as awesome as snowyclaw, but a guy can always hope to, right? :) I have collected some rares in my time in animal jam. I have only been a member since early febuary though. Here are some of them. back items Head items leg items It was too tedious to take pictures of just the rares by themselves so it was WAY easier to just take pictures of the parts where the rares are. If you have any questions at all, ask me at knives5110 or at the comment section! I hope to add more tabs on the top and add ALL my animals but that may take a while. Anyway jammers until next time this is knives5110 signing saying... PLAY WILD AND JAM ON! ^.^