Thursday, June 6, 2013

I'M BACK!!!!!!!

Omg hi jammers! I finally got my computer to work again! AJ has posted many many new updates. You have probably heard of the diamond shop already and the nm pet hamster already...todays new item is the stone throne! it is now no longer a beta! Cool look isn't it? Here are some of my opinions on the diamond shop: Good job AJ: I think that the diamond shop is a good way to bring back betas and now you don't have to buy snow leopards, arctic wolves, or lions in stores! That is pretty cool. Another thing that is cool is now you get to choose your own monthly member gift! Really AJ, REALLY??? Well I have to say... AJ kind of took away all of our hard work. Im definitely not trying to be mean or anything, but its my opinion. It took me so long to get the legend glove and tail armor, and now they are selling it. It took away my hard work. Another thing is now we have to wait for our monthly member gift. I like it better back then when they gave us our gift. Now they are making us wait for it because getting diamonds are so rare. Only once a week. Oh well! ^.^ Those are my opposing opinions. Getting on with this, I may post a music video very very soon!!!!!!!!!!!!! I finished it but I still to edit it. Well thanks jammers! I am getting more and more pageviews everyday! I will probably NEVER be as awesome as snowyclaw, but a guy can always hope to, right? :) I have collected some rares in my time in animal jam. I have only been a member since early febuary though. Here are some of them. back items Head items leg items It was too tedious to take pictures of just the rares by themselves so it was WAY easier to just take pictures of the parts where the rares are. If you have any questions at all, ask me at knives5110 or at the comment section! I hope to add more tabs on the top and add ALL my animals but that may take a while. Anyway jammers until next time this is knives5110 signing saying... PLAY WILD AND JAM ON! ^.^

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