Saturday, June 15, 2013

sooo extremely sorry

hey jammers! I am sooo sorry that I didn't post for sooo long.... I had so much school and then I went on a trip... sorry! Well I don't think I will do everything I missed (sorry about that) but I will do today's item. It is the seaweed hat!

so yeah.... If you look on the animal jam spirit blog, you see that there is a new animal coming to the us soon! it has already appeared in Australia and New Zealand, so I really hope it will come very soon...

 It is glitch weekend! time for a glitch! This glitch takes place in coral canyons!

Start at around here
(as you may know I am the wolf! ^.^)

Next you click right under Best Dressed icon. But, before you do that, remember to open someone's game tab.

(this is the hard part) when you are crossing under the waterfall, click on someones game then quickly cancel.

You cannot see me because I am under the water fall. When you cancel you should be running up the wall and when you get where you want change animals. You should be here when done!

Neat glitch isn't it? ^.^  so now the music video I promised... it is a very bad one so I am going to make a better one. I cannot post the video directly. Click here to see the music video. It is daylight by maroon five! I am going to make a better one with better effects. It will be locked out of heaven by Bruno mars. Almost done so sit tight!

One more thing before I go...ever noticed this weird thing in Jamaa township?

That is close to the entrance of sarepia forest! It is a pathway in a forest of bamboo. I tried to follow it and then I found a house roof!

 I put all the clues together... Bamboo forest. Pandas like bamboo. Who is a panda? LIZA! The alpha! And a house! a house is where you live in! I found where Liza the alpha lives! (I think... XD)

Well that all for today jammers! This is knives5110 signing off saying....

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