Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Adventures and Betas

Hey jammers! Sorry I didn't post for a while. In the past days, AJ has brought back all the beta like the wooden computer, (the new item today) the bird feeder, and the stone chair I posted the other day. Looks like AJ is trying to bring back all the betas with new items and the diamond shop... hmm...

Something really really interesting has  happened in jamaa! The phantoms has come we must go on an adventure to help save jamaa. Here are some of the things you can get on the adventures so far...

You guys may be thinking, "why these items?" AWell heres your answer: ^.^

In the first adventure, the phantoms destroy all of the plants and wells in the bunny burrow and we have to save them. This is what the plants and well looked like when the phantoms destroyed it.

Here is the link to the adventure video. Click HERE!!!

Kangaroos! What about that! Sadly, they cannot be obtained in the U.S. You can get it as a gift card, just like you would with a now leopard Arctic wolf, and lion, but you can only get it in Australia and New Zealand. Most of the kangaroos names are mister (or miss) wonky buddy. Here is what they look like.

Cool huh? I didn't get this but the play and dance for the kangaroo is very glitch and laggy. Here is what the gift card looks like.

Here is something super extremely exciting for me! I won the news crew!!!!! 3 articles are chosen on a specific topic. The one I did it on was the diamond shop. It is on the daily explorer if you want to see it. Click here to see the article. Mine is the third one. When you win, you get a camera badge and any jammer can see it! Not only your buddies! The most funny thing happened about this. I realized I am buddies with the other jammer on the diamond article! I am friends with the first one. Small world huh? I was so happy I won!

I met snowyclaw yesterday along with my buddy that won the article. We had a very long conversation with each other. She congratulated both of us! That made my day! ^.^ Sorry guys but I have to keep the article winners user a secret... sorry! >.<

One more thing before I finish this post. I will eventually make another (so much better XP) AJMV (animal jam music video) and I am almost done! My youtube channel is my user. Knives5110. Check it out in a few days!

That's all for today jammers so this is knives 5110 signing off saying...


p.s. thanks you SO much for everyone looking at this! Over 100 views wow! (that's actually not a lot but I think it is pretty good because I just started this blog ^.^)

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