Saturday, June 22, 2013

Green painted pot

Hey jammers!! Todays new item is the green painted pot (yesterdays one was the red painted pot)

There are new things in the diamond shop! (came out earlier this week but still new). It is the music for the diamond shop, Mystical Morning, and the new phoenix armor!! Here is what they look like...
 (Mystical Morning)
 (phoenix armor) this is what the buying part looks like
 That is what it would look like on your avatar and that is the post in the news paper.

GUESS WHAT JAMMERS??? ITS GLITCH WEEKEND! Todays glitch is in the tree house den!!!!

First you have to start right about here...
Next you have to open up someone game tab; like so..
This is the hard step. Click on the river and as soon as you click on it click on a game. Quickly cancel before they accept it. As soon as you cancel you must change animals. (you don't actually have to change animals, just click on the change animals button. Then you should be somewhere where you shouldn't be!
There you have it!

One more thing before this blog is over..........Check out my youtube channel! It is my user! knives5110. I am almost done with the music video! Send me a picture of you doing something and i will add it in my music video!!! Send it to my email at!

Ok jammers that's all for today until nextime this is knives5110 signing off saying...


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